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Bose Soundsport Free Wireless Airpods Review- Earpods: Trust Apple to bring an item or highlight and influence it to show up as though it didn’t exist before they made it ‘standard’. We have seen it occurring with the iPod and numerous highlights of the iPhone. Apple has aced the craft of making such observations as it did with the AirPods. Dislike there weren’t any remote earbuds in the market before Apple Airpods came in and gave it a ‘standard’ tag. Items from Samsung (Icon X), Motorola (Moto Hint) were around before Apple swooped in and thus made weight on sound organizations too. With handset producers entering the sound embellishment advertise, it involved time before brands like Bose had raise the stakes. Along these lines, Bose has now entered the ‘genuine’ remote earbuds showcase with the Soundsport Free Wireless.

The Soundsport Free Wireless, which is the non-link associated adaptation of Soundsport Free, arrived before the end of last year yet entered India at Rs 18,990 couple of weeks back. You can get it on the web.

While Apple Airpods is a form first earbud, the Bose Soundsport Free Wireless is made to offer the individuals who are wellness situated and are into exercises or games exercises. Bose is wagering enthusiastic about this one as it is the US-based company’s first genuinely remote earbuds.

In the previous couple of weeks we have utilized the Soundsport Free Wireless as our full time sound frill and here is the thing that we consider it.



While it doesn’t live up the tall claim of being a ‘touchstone’ in the realm of link less headphone, it gets a large portion of the rudiments spot on. For example, rather than getting only two earbuds, you get three distinct sizes of StayHear+ Sport Tips – Large, Medium and Small, two earbuds itself and a case that can be energized with a USB link. It likewise charges the earbuds.

At first these remote bit of apparatus may look somewhat cumbersome once put. These stand out much more than what generally different earbuds (counting AirPods) do, something which we by and by are not an immense devotee of. Be that as it may, on the brighter side, it stays where you settle it, regardless of what action you’re doing. That, obviously, is intensely reliant on whether you’re utilizing the reasonable measured StayHear+ Sport tips.

As the name proposes, these earbuds are obviously focused for the action situated crowd out there. That maybe has a decent amount of drawback to it as you can’t unmistakably utilize these as your full time sound frill. We attempted to do as such however essentially couldn’t on account of the StayHear+ Sport tips, regardless of how well it figures out how to keep the earbud remain set up, begins harming following a few hours, compelling you to take it off.

The unit we got was the ‘Midnight Blue’ shading variation. It can likewise be obtained in Black and Bright Orange shading adaptation, which as indicated by us looks the best. The main recommendation we can provide for Bose is whether it can recoil the extent of the item more.

Like each other well known earbud in the market, the Bose SoundSport Free Wireless likewise has tech stuffed within. On both the earbuds you have a Bluetooth recieving wire. While the privilege earbud has volume controllers with a catch in the center that gives you a chance to skip tunes, delay them, accept or end calls, the left earbud has only one catch to interface itself with the application.

Bose is known for its prevalent form quality and they don’t disillusion with SoundSport Free Wireless either. They are sturdy and are likewise rain or sweat confirmation. In any case, you can’t generally run for a swim with those.

The case charges the SoundSport Free Wireless. It likewise has LED pointers to disclose to you how much charge is cleared out. You can charge the case too by associating it with a source through the Micro USB link that comes inside the case.


On the off chance that you aren’t an audiophile and are simply one more easygoing audience who adores their music, the SoundSport Free Wireless will come as a genuine joy. Subsequent to listening attentively to these earbuds for quite a long time, we can securely say it as outstanding amongst other remote earbuds we’ve gone over with regards to sound yield quality.

Obviously, don’t anticipate that it will be on a par with a portion of the wired earphones in the given value run. Be that as it may, when you contrast it and different remote earbuds, you’ll discover Soundsport Free Wireless tossing out better sound-related data with close non-existent sound stage. Since these are constantly associated through Bluetooth, you won’t get the best stable organizing levels however.

The Soundsport Free Wireless focuses on more profound bass, giving EDM audience members the much required ‘pound’. The vocals are genuinely clear on the off chance that you are into acoustic music. Bose too has its own tech stuffed inside that keeps the sound adjusted notwithstanding when heard at high volume. It has a volume-streamlined EQ and Bose advanced flag preparing to make music ‘sound full’.

With everything taken into account, the Bose Soundsport Free Wireless isn’t substantial on bass or concentrates more on treble however it manages to convey a general great sound mark.

Given the outline of the adornment, we found the earbuds spilling out music outside. At the most elevated volume levels, the music is capable of being heard to those sitting in no less than a yard far from you. Moreover, the clamor cancelation is additionally not on a par with experienced in some other in-ear headphones in a similar portion.

Then again, the Soundsport Free Wireless is extremely simple to interface with the source gadgets. In your cell phones all you require is the Bose Connect application. It took us not as much as a moment to set it up, which entertainingly is additionally the record time we have accomplished till date for associating any remote gadget.

When we discuss the battery, the remote earbud can be named as pretty much sensible. In the event that you are utilizing it consistently for just about two or three hours, it would come up short on battery after very nearly three days. This is whether you are keeping it for charging inside the case. Generally on a solitary charge, the earbud can keep running for around 4 hours. Be that as it may, it charges quick however. Bose asserts that the case has a battery that can energize the earbuds completely to two times. Furthermore, 15 minutes of revive gives you enough squeeze to run the earbud for 30 minutes or more.


Taking a gander at the outline, manufacture, sound quality and how well it plays with the application, we can state that being a first endeavor by Bose on remote earbuds, the SoundSport Free Wireless is a better than average item. It won’t not resemble your normal earbuds but rather the outline grows on you after some time. The sound quality is great, fresh and clear. Like we said above, it is made for the individuals who are into exercises so those searching for full-time earbuds, this may not be some tea.

Shelling Rs 18,990 for the Bose SoundSport Free Wireless is a reasonable arrangement. Be that as it may, making it accessible for under Rs 15,000 value point may have influenced others in a similar section to sweat. In any case, we are still months away before that happens.


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