eid al fitr 2021 uae, qatar, india, dubai date


eid al fitr 2021 uae, qatar, india, dubai date:-  Hello everyone as we know EID is coming in May 2021. So the date of EID-al-fitr is discussed in this article here you will find out when is Eid-al-fitr this year. In muslims calendar the festival holiday begins on the sunset of the previous day of the festival. So we can observe that the Muslims will celebrate EID-AL-Fitrr on the sunset of 12th and 13th May, Thursday. While the EID-al-fitr will held on Wednesday, 12th May 2021 to Thursday 13th May (12/5/2021)

Date of EID-Al-Fitr 2021?

EID-AL-FITR date in UAE, Dubai, Qatar, USA, UK, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Phillipines, Oman is

The Eid will start from sunset of 12th May 2021, Wednesday

to 13th May 2021, Thursday

Note:- The dates of EID may be incorrect because it all depends on the astronomical conditions of the moon.

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