How To Use TikTok After Ban in India with VPN 100% Working Trick


How To Use TikTok After Ban in India with VPN 100% Working Trick:- Hello guys as all we know that Tik Tok is officially banned in India by Indian Government along with 58 Chinese Apps. For supporting the Boycott China revolution in India. Tik Tok is one of the most favourite app for entertainment in free time. People can view videos of different genre here. Alone in India it has 100 millions of downloads, it is one of the most popular video making app. But after tiktok totally banned people are very tensed because some of creators are full time tiktokers. So now they have nothing to do after that. Some people haven’t made backup of their videos and they are worried about their videos about how they will access them to save them offline and repost on other apps, So we have solution for you.

How to use tiktok after ban in india 100% Working Trick

Some Questions of Tik Tok Account Holders:

How can i download my Tik Tok Videos After Ban?

How to view my own videos on Tik Tok after Ban?

How to use TikTok After ban?

How to view other creators video on TikTok after Ban?

How To Download/Save my TikTok Videos Offline after ban on TikTok?

Answers: You can follow the steps to perform all of these action on TikTok, we have mentioned below.

Guide – How to Use TikTok After Ban in India

1. First make sure that you have Chrome Browser

2. Now Download any VPN from Play Store – Link Here

3. After Installing VPN

4. Open VPN and Tap on Connect

Use TikTok with VPN

5. Now After Connecting it will show like this

How to use tiktok with VPN

6. After VPN Connected

7. Goto, Chrome Browser

8. And Visit

9. On Top Right Corner Click on Watch Now Button

10. Congratulations, now you can use TikTok

Use TikTok on Web Browser with VPN

Now you can view videos of yours and other creators on TikTok by using this trick. Please share with your friends and anyone who needs to see this. Thanks!!

Disclaimer: We don’t recommend you to use Tik Tok if you’re Indian, because government has banned for some reason so that no one can use it. This post is only for knowledge purpose incase you have to access your account urgently or you have to delete your videos and recover data from it.


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