Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Spotted {Latest Images}


Samsung is ready to unveil its Galaxy Note 10 in the coming months, and according to the online reports, the smartphone is expected to host new features compared to its predecessor Galaxy Note 9, and a new set will also be available. Colors and many types. Unlike earlier reports, the smartphone will improve the series of heritage rather than having a new smartphone with different design languages ​​and features. The brand is focusing on bringing the Galaxy Note 10 a superb design and equipping it with incredible specialties. In addition, the brand is going to launch the Galaxy Note 10 Pro, which will be equipped with the Dual Pump Hole Camera as well as Galaxy S10+. BackPanel & Rear Camera Setup of Galaxy Note 10

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BackPanel & Rear Camera Setup of Galaxy Note 10

According to the provided images, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 base model is expected to feature a punch hole camera at the front positioned in the center, though, unlike the Galaxy S10 +, the front will have a single camera architecture. Another report states that the smartphone will have vertical rear camera architecture which will be connected to the left side because the center module will require a lot of space which is actually allocated to the battery.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Video – Benchmarks Revealed


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